Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Do you want to be just like you, but glowier, more relaxed, rested… you get the idea? Yes, thought so.

Read on for the self-care styles that suit your star sign down to a T. And get ready for the mood-boost your summer has been waiting for.


Running for self care


Fiery Aries is energetic and bursting with that ‘get up and go’ attitude that can make it a little harder for you to slow down. Self-care for you needs to engage the body and mind. Try going for a run through a forest or fields, but turn your Strava off to keep your competitive mind in check and instead tune into a good playlist or podcast as you pound away any worries.



Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and romance, Taureans tend to ooze confidence from every pore. So, what better way to wind down than with some self-skincare. Take the time to make your own facemask, (try this DIY face mask recipe for the glowiest skin ever), light a candle, turn off your phone and snuggle up with a good book while you wait for the mask to work its magic on your already-glowing skin.


Time with friends for self care


You guys are the liveliest of the Air sign gang – versatile, youthful, curious and fun. You thrive off company so sociable self-care is the way to go for you. Invite your friends to the park or beach and take along some painting (and picnic) supplies so you can all benefit from some creative fun. Or why not set up an alfresco book club to share the summer reads that are keeping you feeling zen right now.


Baking for self care


You water signs are sensitive, caring, nostalgic and the ultimate homebodies. So tune into that caring nature, pop on your favourite lounge wear and bake yourself a treat. Use a family favourite recipe, maybe one that brings back memories of your granny or mum, and then take delight in eating it all yourself.


Dancing for self care


Lions are fire signs, full to the brim with exuberance, self-confidence, and fiercely loyal. You have equally big ideas and even bigger hearts. You only have to look at a few famous Leos like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Jenner to know that shying away from the centre of attention is NOT your thing. So, lockdown has probably made you feel a little listless, your ideal self-care is shaking it off with a Youtube dance workout. Turn it up loud and work those moves, so when can finally go out dancing again (your favourite) you’ll be the first on one the dancefloor.


Tidy bookshelf for self care


Earth signs are reliable, stylish and practical. You’ll help anyone and anything, especially if it involves making a list of tasks (ticking them off, is one of your guilty pleasures). You are essentially Monica from friends and LOVE to organise *things* for fun. For your ultimate self-care day, put those skills to good use and Marie Kondo your room. Colour-code your sock drawer, alphabetalise your bookcase and organise your hanging clothes by length, just looking at neatly organised objects makes you feel calm, so why not make your home your sanctuary.


Self-care for your starsign


You’re a charming perfectionist who loves the finer things in life. Your symbol is the scales so it’s only fitting you need balance in your life. Your form of self-care is yoga. Treat yourself to some fancy new yoga gear (aka a matching set) and work on those inversions. With your natural sense of balance you’ll be hand-standing in no time. Oh, and sharing (ahem showing off) your fave yoga pose on Insta afterwards makes you feel nearly as good as the yoga does.



PJs and a movie for self care


Enigmatic Scorpios are actually water signs, despite their seriously fiery natures. You’re passionate, brooding, loyal and brave. Known for having more mood swings than the Kardashian Family you have two options for self-care, depending on your mood. Try boxercise, because throwing a few imaginary punches is just the thing to release some unwanted tension, or if you’re more on the sleepy side, put on your favourite PJs, make some popcorn and snuggle up on the sofa with a good old fashioned movie.


Bike ride for self care


Sagittarians are optimistic, restless, progressive and adventurous. Lockdown may have left you feeling cooped up, so your perfect form of self-care is to stretch those legs and talk, loudly. Ideally going for a bike ride up the nearest hill (because you love the challenge) with your besties so you can chat away. Pack your fave snacks and go breathe in some fresh air.


Cute office space


Earth sign Capricorns are practical, fiercely loyal and driven. Oh so driven. Down-time is not really on the Capricorn agenda. Why relax when you could be doing something useful instead? But being a mountain goat you do have a soft spot for the great outdoors, so combine your two passions and get out into the garden and build yourself something impressive as a form of self-care. Maybe it’s a pizza oven, a vegetable patch or, if you don’t have a garden, work on  your office space from where you can hatch your next master plan.


Colourful journal for self care


Dreamy Aquarians are innovative, eloquent and unique. Usually found with [the latest] phone in their hand, or writing in their journal. Give your mind the time to unwind with the ultimate form of self-care – meditation. But make it appealing to your techy nature and download the latest app to do it. Hey Alexa “play white noise”.



Seaside for self care


Compassionate, dreamy and ALL about the feelings. Ruled by the planet Neptune, you love all things water, swimming, crying, wine (well it is wet after all). Your highest form of self-care is swimming in the sea, at moonlight, probably naked. But with travel as it is, the sea might be a stretch, so settle for running a deep bath, pouring in your favourite bubbles, waft some sage and obvs pouring yourself a glass of wine (hey, it contains antioxidants). Ahhhh bliss.