What we’re wearing to WFH

Friday, April 24, 2020

Just because we’re not actually going in to work, doesn’t mean we can’t look good (even if it is a little more laid-back than usual). We asked the most stylish girls in Miss S HQ (over zoom obvs) what they’re wearing while working from home.

If you’re in need of WFH wardrobe refresh or just want to see if people really are teaming a pretty top with PJ bottoms, read on to discover how the Miss S team are staying cute and comfy.


The Loungewear Co-ord


Miss Selfridge loungwear

I love these loungewear trousers because they are super comfortable but still make me feel put together without trying.
 Katie (our Instagram Queen)

This cute co-ord is giving us all the feels, (literally). It’s super-soft and stretchy enough for any extra quarantine snacking activities.  Need to dress it up on your morning commute (to the couch)? Style it up like Katie and team it with some super fluffy slides.


Katie’s quick Q’s …

What’s on your WFH playlist?

I’ve made an Old School  ‘90s/’00s playlist on Spotify recently which has been getting me through my days at home whilse also making me feel really nostalgic.

What are you snacking on while working from home?

At the moment, finishing off all of the Easter Eggs! But I try to change up my snacks every day to keep it interesting.

What’s your one WFH wellness tip?

Work in a different room to the one you’d normally relax in. It’s good to separate where you work, so when 5pm arrives you can switch off more easily.

Facetime Favourites


I spend a lot of my days in virtual meetings now, so I still need to look smart. Silky joggers still make me feel like I’m dressing up properly, (even though I’m still in joggers) and a pretty blouse gives me the confidence to tackle the day ahead!
Shelley, (Digital Trade Babe)

Video calls with your team on the horizon? It’s time to brush off the biscuit crumbs and pop on something pretty. This minty fresh top ticks all the boxes. Shirring, tick. Statement sleeves, tick. Dreamy pastel palette. Tick.


Shelley’s quick Q’s…

What’s on your WFH playlist?

Noughties R&B, (so a lot of Destiny’s Child) and of course my girl Lizzo.

What are you snacking on while working from home?

Now I’m working from home I’ve really gotten into baking. At the moment it’s lots of homemade banana bread and blueberry muffins.

What’s your one WFH wellness tip?

At the end of each day I run myself a bath, light a candle and wash away the day’s to-do lists. It’s a great way of switching out of work-mode into home-mode.

The One & Done Dress


Miss Selfridge smock dress

This dress is SO comfy and floaty and is perfect for the warm weather we’ve been having, plus it makes me feel like I’ve made a bit more of an effort than my usual joggers/tee combination.
Beth, Digital Designer Extraordinaire


The easy breezy smock dress has all the comfort of sweats but will instantly make you feel put-together. And the added bonus of being completely snack-proof – no one will ever know if you go for an extra slice of that freshly baked banana bread.  Why not switch it up Like Beth and bare your legs in the spring sunshine in a mini smock number.


Beth’s quick Q’s …

What’s on your WFH playlist?

Since I’m at my laptop I’ve got my entire super old iTunes library to work through which I haven’t listened to for ages – I’ve found some right bangers on there from way back when!

What are you snacking on while working from home?

I’ve actually been snacking less than I would do in the office (missing everyone’s birthday treats!) but I’m more of a savoury fan so usually crisps or a grown-up version of Dairylea dunkers, basically vegan cream cheese and breadsticks.

What’s your one WFH wellness tip?

Definitely have set start/end times for work. Since the start, I’ve been making sure I stick to regular work times and logging on and off at the same time I would in the office. And have lunch away from your workspace, it really helps to reset your headspace and set you up for the afternoon!


For Luxe Loungin’


I’m a big fan of a co-ord and this pink sweat set is both cute and comfy! I also love the frilly detailing.
Melody, Digital Marketing Guru

Comfy can be cute too, so when it comes to sweats, be like Melody and don’t settle for anything less than this sweet set. Wear as a set now, or separately later. The tie-waist top deserves all the screen time it can get.

Melody’s quick Q’s …

What’s on your WFH playlist?

A mix of Khalid, Dua Lipa and Stormzy.

What are you snacking on from home?

You can find me snacking on grapes while working from home (healthy I know!)

What your one work from home wellness tip?

Getting my daily dose of fresh air by going for a walk helps me to stay motivated during this uncertain time. When it’s sunny you can find me in the garden, topping up my tan with a mixed berry Kopparberg in hand ☀️