’00s & ’90s Trends We’re Loving RN

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Trends come and go, but we just can’t seem to part with the styles the ‘00s and ‘90s had to offer us. There’s something about the laid-back yet high-fashion vibes that can enhance a wardrobe like no other. So, we’ve rounded the pieces we cannot get enough of and we’re confident you’re going to love too. Time to channel your inner Rachel Green…

Cycling Shorts

Once reserved only for those who own a bike, cycling shorts have been on the style radar now for a few seasons. And quite rightly so. Cementing their status from questionable outfit to super chic essentials, they’re versatile, go with everything and luckily for you, we have them in a range of colours and prints. Wear with an oversized t-shirt or pair with a crop top and heels for an outfit throwing it back in the right way.


Slip Dresses

It wouldn’t be a throwback without a slip dress or three. Stolen straight from the back of Kate Moss, cami dresses are your go-to for every occasion. With their signature spaghetti straps, midi and mini lengths and satin finish, if you don’t already own one, get invested. Got a party? Throw on a printed slip dress and heels. For the weekend? Layer a cami mini dress with a t-shirt and trainers. Day in the office? Pair a slinky number with a blazer. You’re SO welcome.



If you consider Monica Gellar a style icon to take inspiration from (and we do), then you’ll be familiar with the sweatshirt. This easy-to-style-even-easier-to-wear jumper is ready to transform your wardrobe from laid-back to luxe and back again. Wear a sweat with joggers and trainers for pure comfort, pair with a mini skirt for a cute daytime vibe or take things up a notch with a full sweatshirt dress and heels.


Fake Freckles

Want that sun-kissed glow all year round? Then you need to jump on the major ‘00s and ‘90s trend and draw on some fake freckles. A big trend over on TikTok (and let’s face it, we’re taking everything on there as gospel), create that post-holiday look all year round. Freckle pencils are actually a thing, so hit up sites like Beauty Bay and LookFantastic to get that Lindsey Lohan circa the Mean Girls era.


Slogan Tees

If you can’t say it aloud, say it on your t-shirt. Slogan t-shirts were hella popular in the ‘90s and ‘00s and we still can’t get enough right now. Throw on with a pair of jeans or tuck into a cute mini skirt, these effortless tees are all you need to finish your look. They’ve stood the test of time, so buy a top worth talking about.



So we can’t attribute trainers entirely to the ‘00s and ‘90s but we can say that the throwback styles are something you need in your wardrobe right now. From canvas high-tops to flatform trainers, kick back in casual and comfy styles that go with everything. There’s 20 years of proof to back this up too. Style your high-tops with cute dresses and wear your sneakers with tailored trousers for a sartorial edge.



Cher Horowitz knew how to rock a knit. Take inspiration from the ultimate cardigan queen and invest in a style that’s not only practical (nobody likes to be cold) but chic. Wear as a top for major style points or throw over dresses or pretty tops for an insta-worthy look. Really nod to the trend with tie-up front detailing and cropped styles. Clueless, but make it 2020.


DIY Fashion

If lockdown didn’t make you a super crafter then a love for the ‘00s and ‘90s just might. Brought back to our attention by hours of scrolling on TikTok, DIY is big news. Whether you’re upcycling an old pair of jeans or crafting something new entirely, it’s time to get creative. Tie-dye was the big trend for the summer, but now try your hands at stitching, fixing and improving your wardrobe. We’re investing in a sewing machine ASAP.



If we’re thanking the ‘00s and ‘90s for anything, it’s denim. Whether it be a denim jacket, skirt or the humble jean, we’re wearing it no matter if it’s on its own or doubled up. Think head-to-toe in a skirt and jacket co-ord or team a mom jean with a sweatshirt for a full revival look.


Jersey Vests

The modern day love story: the vest and the rest of your wardrobe. Trust us, jersey vests, cropped tanks and sleeveless bodysuits are here to stay and will be your outfit saviour. With lettuce hems, skinny strap detailing or a scoop neck, these versatile wonders can take you from day to night with a simple accessory switch. Pair your vest with literally anything in your closet for an instant Y2K look. Stock up now.



Y2K was the name given to the suspected end of the world when 1999 moved into 2000; people thought that the internet would implode when the year ‘2000’ couldn’t be inputted. Fast forward 20 years and Y2K is the hashtag collating cool outfits and even cooler influencers together who have all nailed that ‘00s look. Think Bratz dolls. On Wednesdays we WILL be wearing pink and bucket hats and shoulder bags and tank tops…


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