Press Play: 5 Playlists For Every Mood

Thursday, April 2, 2020

No matter how you’re spending your days right now, music is something we can all rely on to brighten things up. We’ve curated 5 playlists to suit any mood, any activity and any vibe you’re after, from gym motivators to chill-out sessions or simply happy hits if you’re still commuting. Plug in your earphones and get listening.

The Mood Booster

Music really can change your mood, so allow us to introduce the mood-booster playlist. If you’re starting your day with a sunrise walk, lazy lie-in, or simply feeling a bit down, get this on shuffle and feel those endorphins start flowing. Think George Ezra, Spice Girls and a little bit of Lizzo.

The Workout Mix

Whether you’re working out in the living room, the garden or going for a run, you need some motivational music to get behind you. Make like you’re back in your favourite gym class with a selection of dance classics, high-tempo bangers and of course, Beyonce and Rihanna. We might not make it to the beach this year, but at least we’ll look the part.

The Work From Home Vibes

Missing the office chit-chat and the radio chatter? We feel you. Feel like you’re back at your desk with this playlist of current tunes, sing-a-long golden-oldies and pop perfection that will continue to put a smile on your face. Best news of all? You can sing as loud as you want without your usual desk mates giving you the side eye…

The (House) Party

If you’re celebrating your birthday, hen do, or just want to throw a bash, you’re gonna need the ultimate party playlist. Be your own DJ with our playlist of great tunes to get you and your flatmates up and dancing in the living room. So get dressed up, drinks out and press play on your new wild night out…

The Chill Out Collection

Sometimes you just need a little zen. Settle down with a facemask, magazines, and some scented candles to chill out with our power-down playlist. From Harry Styles to David Grey, we guarantee you’ll feel a lot more relaxed after a listen or two…