Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Insta-feed full of new lockdown hobbies and crafting masterpieces? Ours too, and we’re pretty into it. If more time at home has you itching to hone your crafting skills, one we’re loving right now is cross stitch.

Once the nostalgic work of nans everywhere, word is that needlework is having a seriously cool comeback with an entirely new breed of cross-stitch patterns. Think memes, pop-culture references, the odd inappropriate message here or there (sorry mum), because it’s your needle and if you can spell it, you can sew it.

As it turns out, Miss S design guru Beth is quite handy with a needle, and has given us some top tips and pics to show us how to create our own cross stitch.

Cross stitch moon phase

What you’ll need:

  • Cross stitch fabric
  • Tapestry needles
  • Embroidery floss
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery hoops

1. Find your pattern – there are loads of great ones on Etsy that are super cheap to buy. Or, if you want to try it for free first, Google is your friend.

2. Get your fabric, I recommend Aida when you start as it has tiny, visible holes in it, which make it easy to keep your cross stitching neat.

3. Start with the colour that makes up the largest part of your pattern. Thread it through your needle and then tie the ends together in a small knot (as if you were making a kind of needle necklace).

4. Start in the top left corner of one of the squares in your pattern. Push the needle from the back of the fabric to the front, so the knot is at the back and the front looks nice and neat.

5. Now you can start stitching! Top tip, always stitch from top left to bottom right on your squares to keep it tidy.

Cross Stitching pattern

6. Work along the row for however many stitches the pattern shows, doing the same stitch you have just done each time.

7. Work back along the row in the opposite diagonal direction.

8. Repeat this for however many rows are needed for this colour, following the pattern. Ta da! You are cross stitching!

9. When you’re done with one colour of thread, knot it at the back by pushing the needle through one of the stitches on the back, then pulling the needle through the loop until the thread is tight and snip the ends so it’s not dangling below the fabric.

10. Repeat with more colours until you’ve completed your pattern. Easy!


Here’s a few of our favourites for inspo, but feel free to go wild, use your imagination (and don’t forget to check your spelling!).


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