Getting ready with Miss S

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


You know when the getting ready is just as good as the going out? Yep, we’re all about that. We’ve put together a getting ready playlist of dreams as curated by our Social & Editorial Content Assistant Nicole…

There’s a real mish-mash of music here. It starts off a bit chilled, while you’re getting your options sorted/sending WhatApps/lighting candles etc. Then goes into a throwback section of ’90s/’00s goodies anddddd wrap it up with some bass/a sing-a-long. That’s when you’re feeling yourself and need a little energy. Voila!


Getting ready

Mink Jewel Button Faux Fur Coat

So, whether you’re having a solo dance party in the confines of your bedroom, or you’ve got the girls round for a little gathering, the soundtrack to your BNO starts here. Need some serious outfit inspo? Click here for free advice, hun 😘✨