8 books you need to read on holiday

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Nothing sets you up for a full day of soaking up the sun like a good book to read. So, if you’re anything like us Miss S girls, you’ll need a library of novels to take on holiday with you. Here’s some of our fave picks…


The one turned into big screen : Big Little Lies – Liane Moriaty

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard of Big Little Lies and if you’ve managed to escape finding out what happens, then you’re in for a treat. The lives of three troubled mothers are intertwined when a murder takes place. BUT unlike other classic ‘who-dunnits’ you don’t find out who’s murdered, or who the murderer is until the very end…

Our Jersey MAA, Amie was hooked: ‘I couldn’t put the book down! The chapters were short and drama-filled which was great for frequent breaks to dip in the pool when it was too hot!’. Apply the sun cream and get ready to get stuck into this murder mystery with a twist.


The celebrity autobiography one: My Thoughts Exactly- Lily Allen

Always one to divide opinion, Lily Allen’s autobiography caused quite the stir when it was released. Love her or hate her, this memoir is incredibly captivating, and definitely makes you look at her in a different way. Despite what you think you know, she has a very different story to tell.

Lily charts her quick rise to fame and even quicker fall from grace in a funny, honest and at times difficult to read story. If you’re looking for a good celebrity autobiography for your holiday, this is definitely the one to grab.


The one that everyone’s talking about: Normal People – Sally Rooney

Becoming a cult phenomenon seemingly overnight, Sally Rooney’s novels are big news RN. Her second, Normal People, is at the top of everyone’s reading list at the moment and definitely one to pack in your hand luggage.

Normal People traces two people’s lives that ordinarily wouldn’t have collided but become interwoven in high school via their social circles and decisions. It’s easy to become invested in the characters and although there’s no real plot you constantly want to know what’s going to happen. Sounds heavy, but stick with it.

Also, the cover looks great on your Insta feed 😉


The one that makes you think: Vox – Christina Dalcher

Looking for a book to really get you thinking? Vox is a novel set in a dystopian world where women are second-class citizens (*eye roll*) and are only allowed to speak 100 words a day or risk punishment. Digital Designer extraordinaire, Beth couldn’t put it down: “I really enjoyed The Handmaid’s Tale and this is a similar kind of thing, although the real-life parallels are quite scary!”

One to mull over post tanning session.


The one to keep you up at night: Behind Her Eyes- Sarah Pinborough

Love a thriller? Well, you’ve met your match. This is one to read in the daytime and not in the dark.

Behind Her Eyes centres around the life of single mum, Louise, who embarks on a risky relationship with her boss and ends up becoming BFFs with his wife. As Louise gets closer to them both she discovers all is not what it seems. Trust us, the ending will blow your mind.

Grab a beachside cocktail and buckle up…


The one you can’t put down: How Do You Like Me Now? – Holly Bourne

Meet the millennial Bridget Jones and your new BFF.

The book is about the life of Tori Bailey, an influential author and inspiration to thousands of women. However, she’s been living a lie and her real life isn’t anywhere near what she portrays. Luckily, she’s super funny and relatable, and you can’t stop reading!

Bex, the social controller LOVED it: “easily one of the best books I’ve read. I want to be Tori Bailey and be her best friend in equal parts. It should be a law that every girl reads this book.”


The one if you’re travelling solo: Everything I Know About Love –  Dolly Alderton

It feels like every woman and their dog has read this book, but if you haven’t then read it and if you have, read it again.

Dolly Alderton begins her memoir with a chapter on MSN messenger and if that doesn’t have you hooked and thinking ‘OMG THIS IS BOOK IS ABOUT ME’, then you’re probably a lost cause. Her book of dating disasters, friendship and hilarious anecdotes is the ultimate solo travel companion.

Let’s not judge a book by its cover either, but this one is super cute.


The one you didn’t think you’d enjoy, but did: Educated – Tara Westover

If you’re after something a little different to your usual reads, this is it. The initial premise sounds like a fiction novel, but this story is actually true life. Educated is a fascinating memoir about a girl living in a Morman family, whose parents do not believe in education or modern medicine. It details her struggles and how she came to form a completely new life for herself.

Our Digital Marketing Queen, Georgie, highly recommends it: “the twists and turns of the plot are almost unbelievable. It was so interesting to read about someone whose beginnings were completely different to my own”.


Time to increase the baggage allowance with all these to fit in…