11 Things To Do When You’re Social Distancing

Monday, March 30, 2020

Welcome to the new normal. Many of us will be adjusting to life a little more restricted than usual, so while there are still many on the front-line (and we can never thank them enough), we’ve rounded up the best things to do for all of us doing our bit by staying home.

1. Read a Book

All those books on your shelf you’ve been meaning to get around to reading? Well, now looks like a good time. Dust them off, make a cup of tea and get settled on the sofa with a good old story. Take a break from reality and lose yourself in a new world. Check out some of our favourite recommendations.


2. Binge-watch that Netflix series

Is your ‘to-watch’ list looking like an impossible task to get through? Ours too. Luckily, we’ve been given the gift of time to binge-watch, well, everything, guilt-free! Best of all, Netflix have created a service (https://www.netflixparty.com/) that allows you to watch your fave shows with your besties from the comfort of your own homes! No arguments over who ate all the snacks now…


3. Learn a new skill

If you’re anything like us, then you’ll have a long list of new skills you want to master, but just never quite get round to starting (procrastinating? Us? never…). Youtube is full of tutorials on pretty much anything, plus there are many websites that are offering online courses at a discounted rate. So, tackle that list and come out of this period with a repertoire of new talents.


4. Declutter your wardrobe

You’ve been meaning to do it for ages, but now really is the time to tip out your wardrobe and give it a spring clean. Check out our tips for clearing out the closet, to help you be ruthless and get rid of that dress you really haven’t worn in years and probably won’t again. Plus, a good wardrobe detox definitely means room for a few new spring bits – our spring collection is full of perfect pick-me-up pieces.


5. Facetime and reconnect with friends

Ironically, social-distancing is actually encouraging us to make more time for friends and family. Now that we have no social plans to navigate and arrange around there’s no excuse for a catch-up. Whether it’s a Facetime or a phonecall, get connected with your besties the old-fashioned way. The service Zoom allows you to hang out with loads of your besties all at once, great for virtual birthdays or quiz nights! Getting together (in the digital world) has never been easier.


6. Play board games or do a jigsaw

Let’s reconnect with the inner child in us. Whether you’re inside with your family or flatmates, crack open the board games (we recommend Scrabble, Cards Against Humanity, but maybe not Monopoly). If they all get too much, settle down with a classic jigsaw puzzle. Trust us, they’re great for mindfulness, a moment of calm and the sense of accomplishment when you’ve finished is pretty awesome…


7. Cook new meals

Always fancied yourself as a bit of a Nigella but never have the time? Well, open the cookbooks, follow those food Instagram accounts and update your Pinterest boards, because it’s time to get culinary. Whip up a meal for your family, or embark on a Come Dine With Me experience with your flatmates. Bon appetit!


8. Learn a new language

Prepare for future holidays by picking up a new language on apps like DuoLingo or Babble. From French to Navajo, you can literally learn to say anything from any country in the world. Plus, as well as being able to order a cocktail in French (at some point in the future)  and impress your friends, becoming fluent in another lingo could help you out in your career. Tres bien!


9. Practice self-love

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In uncertain times, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed. Take this time to reconnect with yourself. Take up some yoga or meditation to take a break from reality, pamper yourself with a bath or simply a face mask. If you’re feeling a little claustrophobic, take a walk (2 metres apart from others) or take some time out in the garden. Do the things you love doing and keep loving yourself.


10. Lend a helping hand

There’s no time like the present to think about others a little more. Where possible, help out in the community around you. From dropping off shopping to the front door of those less able to get out and about, picking up the phone to family members you wouldn’t usually to simply staying indoors, do your bit for the world and be a bit more selfless.


11. Do a home workout

It might seem like keeping up your fitness regime might be difficult without the use of a gym, but fear not. You can find a multitude of home work-out videos on Youtube and Instagram, with many fitness bloggers sharing their tips for working out in the comfort of your own home. Many gyms and PTs are also offering live streaming services to keep your mind and body in tip top condition.